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Oregon OSHA Safety Training is now available online as well as on-site for getting your OSHA Wallet Card.Oregon OSHA Safety Training is a program of online and on-site courses that can be provided for workers in Oregon to help them obtain their Department of Labor OSHA Wallet Card. This training is available for both construction and non-construction workers.  Each program emphasizes Oregon state laws, regulations, mandates and directives for your essential knowledge in safety and health concerns on the job. For construction workers the OSHA 10 Hour Construction Outreach Training Course leads to your wallet card. If you are in general industry (i.e. non-construction),  and your job suggests or mandates you to receive your essential safety knowledge, then the best course for you is the OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Outreach Training Course. Either of these 10-hour courses can be completed in as little as two (2) days and you get a free study guide. You may take your course for up to 90 days if you’d like.  All of this is at the lowest price on the internet, guaranteed.  If you need other specialty OSHA courses, such as Fall Protection Training, Hazwoper Training, Confined Space Entry Training, or even Miner Safety Training, you can sign up for these and complete these on line also! All courses are taught by OSHA-Authorized Instructors. All courses are accepted by OSHA in all 50 States.


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Oregon OSHA Safety Training For All Industries Statewide

With a windswept Pacific coastline, a volcano-studded Casacade Region, dense forests and desert lands, Oregon is a definition of diversity of landscape. After being part of the Oregon Territory, the state joined the union on Valentine’s Day,  1859 as the 33rd state. The state’s economy is broad based owing to five main sectors: agriculture, forestry, fishing, tourism and technology. Forestry has seen a drastic drop in recent years due to fires and lawsuits. Despite the tumble, Oregon still leads the nation in the production of softwood lumber production. Oregon has one of the largest salmon-fishing operations in the world, although, it, too, has suffered decline. Tourism. however, has boomed in the state due to its landscape variety. It is Portland, not Milwaukee, that has the largest number of breweries than any city in the world. Technology companies have grown in recent years in the area known as the Silicon Forest.

In September of 1982 OSHA certified Oregon’s state plan for heath and safety management.  Oregon OSHA is part of the Department of Consumer and Business Services with main offices in Salem.  You can view the OSHA State Plan for Oregon here.  Oregon OSHA has jurisdiction over most private sector companies, with a few significant exceptions that center around the navigational waters, the various indigenous tribes of the state and Federal land areas such as Crater Lake National Park and the Department of Energy’s Albany Research Center.

State workers are governed by Oregon OSHA Safety Training laws for education and training purposes. Our OSHA Outreach Training programs for Construction and General Industry are designed to comply with all Oregon OSHA Safety Training criteria and are accepted in all 50 states, including Oregon.

Online or On-site Oregon OSHA Safety Training Available

Since Oregon has it’s own state plan, state regulators and officials are in charge of the enforcement of local and state safety regulations and directives established by Oregon OSHA. Local and state regulations encourage construction workers in Oregon, to receive job training that emphasizes compliant safety training. Our  OSHA 10 Hour Construction Outreach Training Course  may be a prerequisite for working at a job site. For all non-construction jobs, the OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Outreach Training Course is suggested for online use. These courses provide the essential safety training suggested by Oregon OSHA.  Those needing to obtain their OSHA Wallet Card quickly can take and complete their 10-hour course within two (2) days and immediately receive a temporary OSHA Wallet Card Certificate that serves as a proof of your subject matter mastery. The actual OSHA Wallet Card will follow in the mail within 4-6 weeks.  Supervisors and managers that are required or encouraged to get advanced level safety training, will want to take the OSHA 30 Hour General Industry Outreach Training Course online which can be completed within four (4) days.

On-site training provides a unique benefit of learning with co-workers. Our seasoned professionals will come to your site and present one or both of the courses for all workers. Another benefit, is that you get the added benefit of group activities and custom, company content in the course.  We offer substantial group rate discounts  to on-site courses taught by our OSHA-Certified Instructors.






Oregon OSHA Safety Training On-Site Now available with Group Discounts

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