OSHA 10 Hour Online Training is Quick and Easy

OSHA 10 hour online training is a convenient way to complete your OSHA authorized 10 hour outreach training course. There are two different OSHA 10 hour online courses offered, one for general industry and one for the construction industry. In both courses you will receive a good orientation to workplace safety and health.

Both courses will introduce the entry level worker to workplace hazard identification, avoidance, control, and prevention. The general industry course covers hazards that can be encountered in a variety of different industries, and discusses such topics as walking and working surfaces, which includes fall protection; exit routes, emergency action plans, fire prevention plans, and fire protection; electrical; personal protective equipment; and hazard communication. In addition to covering hazards, information is provided about workers’ rights, employer responsibilities, and what to do if you need to take a complaint to a government agency..

How is the OSHA 10 Hour Online Construction Course Different from the General Industry Course?

The construction industry OSHA 10 hour online course is similar to the general industry course, but focuses more time specifically on the most common hazards of construction work. The OSHA Focus Four Hazards for the construction industry are falls, electrocution, struck-by (such as falling objects, trucks, or cranes) and caught-in or between (such as trench hazards or equipment). Particular attention is paid to fall hazards as most construction fatalities are caused by falls. Other topics also covered are personal protective and lifesaving equipment and health hazards in construction, which include noise, dangerous materials exposure, or hazard communication, as well as other topics related to construction work. Just as in the general industry course, workers’ rights, employer responsibilities, and how to file a complaint are covered in the class as well.

Both of the courses give the student a good overview of how to identify and prevent hazards to safety and health in the workplace, either in general or in the construction industry more specifically, and how to exercise the rights provided by law to workers for a safe and healthy work environment.

Students receive a wallet card to show employers or unions or other organizations that they have taken the OSHA 10 hour online training course in either general industry or construction. Students who have completed either of these courses will have gained valuable knowledge about workplace hazards and their rights, which will help keep them safer on the job and help them contribute to a more productive workplace.