Benefits to Hiring a Safety Coordinator

Establishing and maintaining a safe work environment can be tedious, even overwhelming. To ensure that all OSHA regulations are clearly and consistently met, you should consider the benefits to hiring a safety coordinator to effectively manage the safety and health… Continue reading

OSHA 10 Hour Training FAQs: 10 Important Questions Answered

OSHA 10 Hour Training

Find Everything You Need To Know About OSHA 10 Hour Training with these Top 10 FAQs.

What is OSHA 10 Hour Training?

OSHA 10 Hour Training covers protocols for addressing health and safety hazards. OSHA-Pros online 10 hour course is… Continue reading

OSHA Proposes New Rule For Crane Operator Safety

Crane Operator Safety Rules Proposed by OSHAThe U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced a proposal for a new rule which would increase safety in construction sites. The proposal regards the duty of employers to ensure that crane operators are qualified to operate… Continue reading

LH Musser and Sons Inc. Fined for Heat Related Fatality

Company fined by OSHA in heat related fatalityThe summer months can be challenging for most construction workers. With daily temperatures reaching 100 degrees or more, the work environment becomes a serious risk for those working in the construction industry. In June, LH Musser and Sons Inc. of… Continue reading

Need general safety training fast?

general safety training fast  general safety training fast
Fulfill your requirements for general safety training fast with our OSHA 10 Hour Training online courses. Safety training is important and should be convenient and affordable. Employees must be fully informed about workplace safety, not only to protect… Continue reading

Safety Stand-Down Event: Addressing Safety Concerns

addressing safety concernsConstruction work can be a dangerous line of work, especially when it comes to the potential of falls. Falls are deadly, costly, and must be prevented. Safety education saves lives, and saves money. Beginning May7th, you can be a part… Continue reading

Considerations for Construction Over College

consider construction over collegeCould construction be a better route than college for some students? Many young people are uniformed when it comes to the vast capabilities of the construction industry. As the need for skilled workers increases and the financial returns of… Continue reading

Most Common Safety Hazards for Tractor Trailer Drivers

Dangers of the Job

common safety hazards

Tractor trailer drivers encounter many dangers on the job. You might be surprised to know that the dangers of the most common safety hazards drivers face are not only on the road. These dangers do not… Continue reading

What You Need to Know About Filing a Complaint With OSHA

filing a complaint with OSHAHow Safe is Your Workplace?

Do you have concerns regarding the safety of your work environment? Do you know your rights for filing a complaint with OSHA? You are entitled to a safe work environment under federal law.

You are… Continue reading

General Industry OSHA Training Increases Safety Awareness

General Industry OSHA Training is available online for students that need training quicklyAnyone working in a position that involves safety in the work environment knows that it is important to be prepared for any type of situation. All workers need to be aware of the risks and potential hazards of the work… Continue reading