Colorado OSHA Safety Training

Colorado OSHA Safety Training is primarily based through OSHA-Accepted online or on-site classesOSHA Safety Training in Colorado is provided by both online and on-site courses provided under the OSHA Outreach Training Program. Since Colorado is not a State Plan state, employers operate under the federal guidelines established under the OSH Act of 1970. The OSHA General Duty Clause mandates that all companies provide a safe environment for their workers.

The bulk of regulatory compliance in the State falls to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, Worker’s Compensation Division. With few exceptions, Colorado employers are required to obtain and maintain worker’s compensation insurance for one or more employees. Worksafe Colorado, is a network of people and professionals interested in preventing workplace illnesses and injuries. Anyone with an interest or stake in these issues can be part of this initiative and participate in meetings. Community meetings are open to the public and are held every other month.


Colorado OSHA Safety Training For Non-State Plan States

Colorado OSHA Safety Training 10 Hour Construction Outreach Course OnlineOSHA Safety Training in Colorado is suggested and encouraged through the various Colorado state agencies. Since Colorado is not a State Plan participant, workplace regulations are based in federal OSHA regulations, guidelines, rules and directives. Courses are provided online or on-site through the OSHA Outreach Safety Training Program. For construction workers, this includes the OSHA 10 Hour Construction Training Course which is an essential training that covers topics such as electrical safety, crane safety, caught-between hazards, fall protection, personal protection equipment, scaffolds, ladders and other basic safety and risk information. This 10 hour course for OSHA safety takes approximately two days to complete online, but up to 180 days can be allowed to complete it. The course comes with access to a downloadable study guide that is free of charge. Once the course is completed and the final exam is passed, the student is allowed to print off a temporary certificate of completion.  The student’s Department of Labor OSHA Wallet Card is subsequently delivered in four to six weeks.

Colorado OSHA Safety Training 10 Hour General Industry Online Outreach CourseThose Colorado workers that need their OSHA Safety Training but are not in the construction industry, are encouraged to take the OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Training Course. This Nationally Accepted course covers the essential training for workers that are in manufacturing, distribution, health care, institutions of education and other non-construction industries. Similarly, the 10 hour course can be taken on line and finished in a two-day time period (with up to 180 days maximum). The corresponding Department of Labor OSHA Wallet Card follows a few weeks later.

OSHA Safety Training also has course for Colorado-based supervisors, foremen, line managers and executives on basic safety and the principles of managing risk. These courses are longer, four days, and cover much more material at a deeper depth. The OSHA 30 Hour Construction Course is available through computer-based, online instruction. This course is available with access to a downloadable study guide that is free of charge. On this 30 hour course, the student may take up to 180 days to complete the course once started. On all computer online courses, logins to multiple computers are allowed with no limit to the number of logins you take to complete the course in the established time frame.



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