Considerations for Construction Over College

consider construction over collegeCould construction be a better route than college for some students? Many young people are uniformed when it comes to the vast capabilities of the construction industry. As the need for skilled workers increases and the financial returns of college degrees show cause for concern, more students should consider construction over college as a viable option.


According to The Hechinger Report, there may be a higher chance for success and reason to consider construction over college. Quality construction training can prove to be more financially beneficial than four-year college degrees in some cases. The Associated General Contractors of America have found that seventy-percent of construction companies across the nation are struggling to find skilled workers. That means there is a demand for qualified workers in a field that is consistently growing.


So what about the thirty-percent of students enrolled in public universities, who are six years post high-school graduation and still have not earned a bachelor’s degree? Perhaps more graduates should seriously consider construction over college before they wind up debt-ridden and jobless.


Why Aren’t More People Considering Construction Careers?


One of the greatest hindrances for attracting young people to work in the construction industry is parental influence. Parents want their children to have access to the best education and opportunities for a successful future. What parents may not realize is how the vastly developing realm of technology is influencing how the world of construction functions. For millennials, this is good news. Growing up with a variety of technology devices has allowed young people to develop powerful skills that can be highly beneficial for work in the field of construction. Additionally, construction is not without quality education. In fact, our courses are designed by qualified professionals in the field and they equip learners with life-saving information. Now that is a valuable education to have!

Will You Consider Construction Over College?

If you think that a career in the construction industry may be right for you or someone you know, find out more about our training program at our website. Additional resources regarding environmental careers and safety may be found at Train4Less.