Construction Industry Adds Jobs in September

Construction industry surges forward in September, 2015 with 5000 new jobs.Construction industry data released by the Associated General Contractors of America indicated the industry added 5000 jobs in September, 2012.  Association officials suggest construction employment experienced an upswing in residential and commercial projects. This trend offset the lack of public sector construction job opportunities. Stephen Sandherr, CEO of the Association of General Contractors of America stated the construction industry is a bit smaller than it was a year ago despite the modest increase in job opportunities during the month of September.

Despite Surges, Construction Industry Down from 2011

According to Sandherr, the construction industry employed 5.523 million people in September. One year earlier, in September 2011, the construction industry employed 5000 more people. Today, the construction industry employs 2.2 million less people that it did six years ago at its peak of 7.7 million workers. Residential building contractors added 1,100 jobs in September. In addition, residential specialty trades contractors added 2,300 jobs in September.

Based on US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the cities with the largest percentage gain of construction jobs included Yuba City, California, Pascagoula, Mississippi, and Bakersfield-Delano, California. Consequently, the urban areas with the biggest decrease in construction job opportunities included Springfield, Massachusetts, Jackson, Mississippi, Anchorage, Alaska, and Lansing-East Lansing, Michigan. The Association of General Contractors predicts construction industry employment will decline, because congress has not set tax and spending rates for next year. Employers are being cautious in regards to hiring, because the threat of tax hikes and mandatory cuts to federal construction causes projects to be delayed.

Construction Industry Skills Increasingly a Hindrance

Stephen Sandherr reported that millions of workers have exited the construction industry due to retirement and other job opportunities. As a result, employers have a difficult time finding skilled workers. In addition, it is a challenge to recruit new workers to the industry. In the end, the required amount of training and education it takes to be a skilled construction worker is a hindrance in an industry where job opportunities are severely lacking.

Workers can obtain more information on industry employment trends by accessing the US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ website at The Associated General Contractors of America’s website is Visitors to this site will be able to browse an abundance of information such as construction industry trends, training opportunities, and breaking news stories.