Disneyland Worker Suffers Serious Injuries

Disneyland worker injured while review maintenance on Space Mountain ride.A Disneyland Worker in California, was injured recently when he was struck by a car from the Space Mountain Ride in Tomorrowland.  The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health or Cal/OSHA investigated the incident. Disneyland, one of the most popular theme parks in the world, attracted 16.1 million visitors last year. At the time of the incident, Disneyland did not have any visitors. The park was closed to the public.

Disneyland worker Christopher Monday, a 68 year old machinist from Lakewood, California was struck just before 10:00PM while he was testing a vehicle that was part of the Space Mountain ride. Disneyland officials confirmed that a Disneyland worker was struck by the type of vehicle guests use, and then identified the worker. The indoor roller coaster is part of  the park’s Tomorrowland section that is a popular ride at the park.

Disneyland Worker Was Represented by Machinist Union

The  International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, represents the Disneyland worker in such incidents.  The machinists work on all Disneyland attractions including Tomorrowland. According to Disneyland’s website, Tomorrowland embodies the Space Age.  Tomorrowland’s main attractions include Star Tours-The Adventures Continue, Captain EO, and Space Mountain, the site of the incident.

CalOSHA Protects California Workers

CalOSHA is also known as the Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH). It protects workers in all California workplaces from health and safety hazards on the job. They engage in in important research efforts and develop regulatory standards for compliance. They act as the primary safety  enforcement and consultation program for all workers in the state. Cal/OSHA also oversees programs promoting public safety on elevators, amusement rides, and ski lifts among other coverage areas.

The Space Mountain ride Christopher Monday was testing had arrived back to the theme park from maintenance. According to Ericka Monterroza, a spokeswoman for CAL/OSHA, the vehicle had just returned from “rehab”, typical of similar amusement part rides. Such accidents are rare, so when they occur, it is the responsibility of CalOSHA to investigate the circumstance that injured the Disneyland worker.