Unemployed Construction Workers Resources for Interviewing

(Note: This article is the second in a three part series of articles focusing on the job search process.)

Unemployed Construction Workers can benefit by reviewing our tips for interviewing.For unemployed construction workers, as well as in the professional world,  a resume gets your foot in the door; a successful interview gets you hired. Interviews grant applicants the opportunity to convey to prospective employers how they would be a perfect fit for the organization. This article will focus on resources to help construction workers prepare for a successful interview.

Skilled construction workers will always be in demand. Despite an increase in available jobs available during the month of September, the industry is still struggling to get back on track. There are still a large population of unemployed construction workers. When job opportunities become available, prospective applicants must be prepared to sell themselves. Five top-notch interview tips to help you land a job in the construction industry are included below.

Research the Company – Become familiar with the company’s website and their mission. Unemployed construction workers need to keep abreast on current events and industry news regarding the company. Understand new trends and skills in the industry.  Memorize the names of major players such as founders, President/CEO, and key department contacts.

Thoroughly Read and Analyze the Official Job Description -Visit the company’s website or request a copy of the job description from your hiring/HR contact. You should identify your skills as compared to the job description. Unemployed construction workers don’t lack value or the ability to make a difference for a company. Make certain you are qualified and be prepared to sell your skills and abilities during the interview. This is not the time to be timid or modest.

Exhibit good interview etiquette -Basic etiquette protocol includes the following: be on time, dress appropriately, watch body language, use a firm grip when shaking hands, turn your cell phone off, be polite, and use proper English.

Be Prepared to Ask the Interviewer Questions – This is the time to show your sincere interest in the position. Also, you can show the interviewer how well you have researched the company and listened during the interview. Applicants should always ask the interviewer additional questions. Two or three questions are an appropriate number.

Send a Thank-You Note After the Interview -You should mention one or two major points of the interview in your note. Be sure to reiterate your interests and highlight your skills. You can send a paper thank-you card or email the appropriate staff.

When preparing for an interview, applicants should also consider reviewing the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) website www.osha.gov

in addition to the company’s website. OSHA‘s website features an abundance of information relative to the construction industry in general. The resources below provide access to questions applicants may be asked during an interview. Some of the questions are general in nature and others are construction industry specific. Unemployed construction workers should spend at least two hours per day reading and becoming familiar with interviewing techniques, dress, body language and how to ask questions. The resources below are a good start.


Interview Resources


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