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Nevada OSHA Safety Training is mandated by law and now available on line for quick obtaining of your Wallet Card. OSHA Safety Training Programs in Nevada begin with the strict compliance with state law. In January of 2010 AB 148 mandated that all construction workers in the state to undergo a 10 Hour Safety Training Course. In addition those workers have to take that course once every five years. Supervisors on construction sites in Nevada must undergo a 30 Hour Safety Training Course  at least once every five years.  Hotel workers and safety managers may also be required by local laws to obtain similar training. OSHA-Pros can provide that training at the lowest price for you. You can complete your essential training in only two days and receive your Certificate of Completion which can be presented as proof of your safety training. Your Department of Labor OSHA Wallet Card will subsequently be sent and arrive in four to six weeks.

Hotel safety personnel and non-construction industry workers will benefit from our Online OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Course that serves as a requisite for most day-to-day safety responsibilities. Whether online from the comfort of your home, or on-site instruction with your fellow workers you will receive your training from OSHA-Authorized Trainer.


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OSHA Safety Training For All Nevada Industries Statewide

Nevada, derived from the Spanish word for “snow covered”, became the 35th state of the union under unusual circumstances in October, 1864. President Lincoln at the time wanted to ensure his re-election for a second term, and so rushed Nevada to statehood only 8 days ahead of the Presidential election. The move ensured the victory for Lincoln and a Republican majority in Congress. The move actually wasn’t necessary, as Lincoln won the election handily.

Over 75% of Nevada’s population lives in Clark County which hold the four largest cities, including Las Vegas. Not surprisingly, tourism, entertainment and gambling are a large part of the state’s economy. Nevada, by far, has the most hotel rooms per capita in the United States, and coupled with over $12 Billion in revenues from the vice-industries, it’s no wonder that the state thrives. However, this hasn’t be the case in the past, where the state was known for it’s silver mining. One of the state’s monikers is “The Silver State” due to the importance of the metal in its past. Mining is still a very significant factor in it’s economy outside of Clark County and Reno. Gold is still the most prevalent metal followed by silver. Other mining activities combine to make up a a large portion of the state’s economic development.

Nevada OSHA Safety Training programs are based on their OSHA State Plan that was certified in 1981. The Nevada Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Nevada OSHA) is part of the Division of Industrial Relations, Department of Business and Industry with main offices in Henderson, Nevada. The organization follows Federal OSHA Guidelines but also involves Nevada law for specific exceptions or additions.

All industries following Nevada OSHA Safety Training programs can take advantage of the courses that we provide for education and training purposes. Our OSHA Outreach Training programs for Construction and General Industry are designed to comply with all OSHA criteria and are accepted in all 50 states, including Nevada.

Online or On-site Nevada OSHA Safety Training Available

Nevada OSHA has adopted all OSHA standards that would relate to state and local government and private sector workplaces. Nevada OSHA incorporates federal standards by reference. Therefore, the state and federal standards are identical. Nevada OSHA has adopted the following unique standards however:

  • Safety programs
  • Cranes
  • Steel Erection
  • Construction
  • Asbestos
  • Explosives
  • Ammonium Perchlorate and Photovoltaic

Nevada OSHA Directives, which are identical to or similar to Federal OSHA directives,  provide for both enforcement and compliance regulations in Nevada OSHA Safety Training Programs. State compliance officers inspect workplaces for hazardous conditions and issue citations where violations of Nevada OSHA regulations are found.

Recent articles and new items have reported that the state is experiencing a great need for construction workers. Many of the workers moved away during the recent recession, but with increased economic revival, construction has resumed. Many contractors have said that projects are plenty, but the labor force isn’t there yet. Construction workers that have their OSHA Wallet Card can demand top pay in new projects, keeping in mind that all  positions in construction must be accompanied by a qualified OSHA 10 Hour Construction course.

Take your training online or on-site training with us and train with the experts in the industry. We are backed by over 40 years in the safety training industry with thousands of satisfied workers. There’s no time better than now, especially since our courses are guaranteed to be the lowest price on the web.

Companies can choose to have one of our seasoned professionals come to your site and present one or both of the courses for all workers. This gives you the added benefit of group activities and custom, company content in the course.  We offer substantial group rate discounts  to on-site courses taught by our OSHA-Authorized Instructors.


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Nevada OSHA Safety Training On-Site Now Available with Group Discounts.

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