New Jersey OSHA Safety Training

New Hampshire OSHA Safety Training includes OSHA 10 Hour and OSHA 30 Hour Construction courses online and on-site.OSHA Safety Training programs are available for workers in New Jersey from OSHA Pros USA to support Federal OSHA regulations and guidelines. This training can be on-line through the Outreach Training Program, or on-site at your workplace where substantial discounts are available.

New Jersey is not a State Plan state,  so employers operate under the federal guidelines established under the OSH Act of 1970. The OSHA General Duty Clause mandates that all companies provide a safe environment for their workers.  The State of New Jersey Department of Health maintains several programs related to occupational and environmental safety, including occupational health-based surveillance, workplace fatality investigation and worker’s compensation. The New Jersey Public Employees’ Occupational Safety and Health Act (PEOSH), State Standards and Procedural Standards provide for the development and enforcement of occupational safety and health regulations for public employees throughout the State. They also provide guidelines for public employers and employees to improve their working environments.

Because the state has not enacted any workplace safety and health rules, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act) governs workplace health and safety requirements in private (private businesses and nonprofit organizations) sector workplaces. There are no safety and health rules for public (state and local government) sector workplaces. There is additional information and a detailed discussion of the federal standards.

OSHA Safety Training For Non-State Plan States – New Jersey

New Jersey OSHA 10 Hour Construction Training OnlineOur OSHA Safety Training curriculum is modeled after OSHA’s Outreach Training Program. This consists of two levels of essential safety training based on the person’s function in the organization. The first level corresponds to non-supervisory, line workers. Those employees or contractors in the construction industry should enroll in the OSHA 10 Hour Construction Training Course.  Once completed, the student can immediately print their Certificate of Completion denoting their accomplishment. The Official Department of Labor OSHA Wallet Card will be sent through the mail in a few weeks. The 10 hour construction course can be completed in as little as two days, but may be spread out over six months (180 days).

New Jersey OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Training OnlineThose New Jersey workers that need their OSHA Safety Training but are not in the construction industry, are encouraged to take the OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Training Course. This Nationally-Accepted course covers the essential training for workers that are in manufacturing, distribution, health care, institutions of education and other non-construction industries. Similarly, the 10 hour course can be taken on line and finished in a two-day time period (with up to 180 days maximum). The OSHA Wallet Card follows a few weeks later.

We also provide OSHA Safety Training  for supervisors, foremen, line managers and executives on basic safety and the principles of managing risk.  The OSHA 30 Hour Construction Course is available through computer-based, online instruction. Ths courses also has a downloadable, FREE study guide. The 30 hour course is typically a four day effort online. The instructions allows you to log in and out of multiple computers to take your training. At the successful end of the course you’ll get your certificate of completion  with your OSHA Wallet Card being sent to you within four to six weeks.


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