On-Site Confined Space Entry Training

Among the most common hazards in the workplace are Confined Space Entry incidents. Confined Space Entry is a leading cause of death among workers due to inadequate space, poor ventilation, and risk of asphyxiation. Proper education and precautions are therefor essential to ensuring a safe, healthy working environment.

OSHA 10 Hour Training provides dedicated OSHA-certified training staff to conduct the On-Site Confined Space Entry Training for your entry supervisors, entrants and attendants. We also offer specialized training programs for confined space entry rescue personnel. Training materials for the course will include a manual, plus a CD containing a customizable confined space entry program for your company to use
This online training seminar covers the following:

  • Confined spaces in the workplace, associated hazards, and permits required for entry
  • Equipment for monitoring gas levels and toxicity- proper utilization and training
  • Ventilation methods to reduce risk of asphyxiation
  • Supervisor, Entrant, and Attendant duties
  • Rescue and Recovery Personnel and Procedures
  • Necessary steps taken to reclassify a confined space requiring a permit into one that does not require a permit.
  • OSHA’s alternate-entry procedures
  • OSHA-compliant written program for Confined Space Entry

All confined space entry training in this program is compliant with OSHA standards and regulations. Upon completion of this course employees will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion.

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