Resume Writing Can Be the Difference In That Great Job

Note: This article is the first in a three part series of articles focusing on the job search process.

Resume writing skills can be the difference in getting in the door or being shut out!How important is resume writing? Consider the just the volume. According to the Associated General Contractors of America, 5000 construction jobs were added nationwide during the month of September. Despite this increase in available jobs, the industry still has fewer jobs available than it did a year ago. In addition, Stephen Sandherr, CEO of the Associated General Contractors of America, asserts competition for construction jobs is stiff.

Workers searching for employment in the construction industry must be adequately prepared for the job search process. Job seekers should position themselves to stand out among the thousands of other applicants. The first step to preparing yourself for a successful job search is to possess realize that resume writing is a weapon in your quest for a new position. Check out our tips for presenting a good resume using the five basic resume tips below.

Never Forget a Cover Letter – Resume writing extends to the all important cover letter. Your cover letter properly introduces you to a company. It officially informs the company on the nature of your inquiry by specifically stating the position you are applying for as well as your qualifications for the job.

Develop a Career Summary – Proper resume writing skills will use a career summary instead of an objective statement. A career summary addresses how you can meet an employer’s requirement for a particular position. It customizes your personal qualifications.

Include Industry Specific Keywords in Your Resume – You can use your resume writing skills to bolster your chances by emphasizing key skills, industry keywords and news items. If you leave out industry keywords, your resume will be excluded from candidate databases or job search engines. In addition, your resume will not bypass the company’s software scan or catch the attention of other staff members reviewing your resume. You MUST include the correct keywords. Check the job description for hints.

Proofread – Always proofread your documents carefully. You want to avoid mistakes. Read over your finished product multiple times, then have a friend or relative give it a once-over also

Use Action Oriented Language – Good resume writing should use action oriented words to convey your skills and accomplishments.

Job seekers have access to a variety of books and Internet resources to assist them with preparing an effective, high-quality resume. Read about resume writing skills and look at specific examples. Practice them. The primary purpose of this article is to provide a list of specific resources that will be beneficial to those individuals looking for work in the construction industry. The resources included in this article can be accessed online, checked-out free of charge at the local public library, or purchased used/new from

 Book Resources

Real Resumes for Construction Jobs: Including Real Resumes Used to Change Careers and Transfer Skills to Other Industries by Anne McKinney– According to the reviews, this book shows resumes and cover letters of people seeking employment in the construction field. Resumes of safety managers, electricians, plumbers, brick masons, flooring installers, project managers and many more are included in the book. In addition, resumes used by real people to change fields and transition from the construction industry are also included.

Blue Collar Resumes by Steve Provenzano– Steve Provenzano’s Blue Collar Resumes includes valuable information on creating high-impact resumes. Content includes such chapter titles as the secrets of electronic resumes and design your eye-catching resume.


Internet Resources

Resume Builder/Templates-Are you a bit challenged when it comes to using a computer keyboard? Is typing not one of your favorite tasks? You may want to try a resume builder such as the one offered by the Career Transitions database

Resume Examples – Take a look at these sample construction resumes and use them as a starting point for your own:

Job seekers should contact their local public library to inquire about resume builder tools, free workshops on resume writing, and any other job search related information. Job seekers should be aware of resume builders online that require you to pay before downloading the resume. Many advertise their resume builder is free but the service usually requires a fee. User friendly resume templates are available on all Microsoft Word products. The templates are already formatted. You simply have to enter your information to create the resume.

Action Words-When writing a resume, it is always a good idea to have a list of action verbs to include on your resume. As mentioned earlier, you should always use action oriented verbs to describe your abilities and accomplishments.

Sample Construction Worker Resumes– The links below provide access to sample resumes relevant to the construction industry. These links will definitely offer guidance to individuals attempting to start the resume writing process!