Tennessee OSHA Safety Training

Tennessee OSHA Safety Training is available online and on-site to obtain your OSHA Wallet Card.OSHA Safety Training is provided to workers in the State or Tennessee in the form of a series of online (or on-site) training courses that teach essential basics of safety in the workplace. These courses also provide a guide to prevention and awareness of safety hazards. The core of the courses are provided for construction workers and non-construction workers. Students successfully passing the courses receive a Certificate of Completion that can be given to your company or contractor. You will later receive the Department of Labor OSHA Wallet Card in the mail after few short weeks. For those workers in the construction industry, the OSHA 10 Hour Construction Outreach Training Course is the recommended course. For those in industries other than construction, we recommend the OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Outreach Training Course. If taken online, each of these courses can be completed in as little as two days. Once started, you can have up to 180 days to complete it, however.  We offer access to a downloadable,  FREE Study Guide with each course. All of this is offered at the lowest price on the internet, guaranteed. The courses have been reviewed and Nationally-accepted.  All courses are taught by OSHA-Authorized Instructors.


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OSHA Safety Training For All Tennessee Industries Statewide

Tennessee was admitted to the Union in June of 1796 and was previous part of the North Carolina Territory before admission. The state was the last to secede from the Union in the Civil war, where it furnished the most soldiers to the South. It was the first state to rejoin the union after the war.

Initially a largely agrarian state, the economy of the state changed drastically in the 20th century as it transitioned to a more diversified economy, propelled by massive federal investment in the Tennessee Valley Authority. Later there were large investments in the city of  Oak Ridge, which was established to house the Manhattan Project’s uranium enrichment facilities, helping to build the world’s first atomic bomb, which was used during World War II.  Today, Tennessee stil has a large agriculture component, but also boasts significant economic benefit from manufacturing and tourism. Poultry, soybeans, and cattle are the state’s primary agricultural products. Major manufacturing exports include chemicals, transportation equipment, and electrical equipment.

In May of 1978, OSHA certified Tennessee’s state plan for health and safety management.  Tennessee OSHA (TOSHA) is part of the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development, which is headed by the Commissioner. The central office is located in Nashville, Tennessee. You can view the OSHA State Plan for Tennessee here.  TOSHA has  jurisdiction over all private sector,  state and local government workplaces within the state with the exception of:

  • private sector maritime activities
  • employment on military bases
  • Savannah River and Three Rivers Solid Waste Authority private sector employment
  • federal government workers
  • United States Postal Service

State workers are governed by Tennessee OSHA Safety Training laws for education and training purposes. Our OSHA Outreach Training programs for Construction and General Industry are designed to comply with all Tennessee OSHA Safety Training criteria and are accepted in all 50 states, including Tennessee.

Online or On-site OSHA Safety Training Available for Tennessee Workers

With the advent of Tennessee’s OSHA State Plan, state TOSHA officials are in charge of the enforcement of local and state safety regulations and directives. These administrators encourage all workers to follow company mandates regarding essential safety training in construction, manufacturing, distribution, transportation and related industries.

For OSHA basic safety in the construction industry, we recommend the   OSHA 10 Hour Construction Outreach Training Course. For all non-construction jobs, the OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Outreach Training Course is suggested for online use.  Supervisors and managers that need to get advanced level construction safety training, will want to take the OSHA 30 Hour Construction Outreach Training Course online which can be completed within four (4) days. All the 10-hour and 30-hour courses can be taken online from any computer. All courses come with a downloadable, FREE study guide for your training purposes.

On-site training provides a unique benefit of learning with co-workers. Our seasoned professionals will come to your site and present one or all of the courses for all workers. Another benefit, is that you get the added benefit of group activities and custom, company content in the course.  We offer substantial group rate discounts  to on-site courses taught by our OSHA-Authorized Instructors.


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Tennessee OSHA Safety Training On-Site Now Available with Group Discounts

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